Because every kid deserves a happy birthday!

Why birthday parties?

Having a birthday party is certainly not a critical need like food, housing, medical care, etc., but it can have a unique place in a child's life.

  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES  allow children to feel special, important and celebrated.​
  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES  allow children to express themselves and their individuality.  They have the chance to choose their favorite activities, role models and interests and to invite the people who are most important to them.
  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES  are a chance for families to come together to celebrate their children and how they are growing and developing - and their own hard work in facilitating this positive growth.


So many reasons to celebrate!  In addition to birthday parties, we will periodically host holiday parties or celebrations for groups of children and teens in community outreach programs, such as shelters, GED programs, after school centers, etc.​